Elegant Look for a Summer Date Night

Summer …. The season of long walks on the beach, funny and amazing afternoons with your friends and late-night dates with your loved one. Here is an idea of how to dress to impress your significant other!

Given that I absolutely love to pamper myself every once in a while, when it comes to a date, I like putting some thought into my outfit, hair and makeup, so as to look like I prepared, but didn’t go overboard. Which is why, for this occasion, I decided to go for a one piece dress (It’s funny because some people thought it was a shirt and a skirt combined; all the better), and accessorize it with a fun necklace, some earrings, a watch, a purse, some high heel sandals and an up-do for my hair.


To make this blog post more fun, I decided to describe our itinerary fort that night. First, we took a walk in the Old Town part of my city, and can I say how much I love it! Even if we chose to take some pictures where it was more quiet, it is full of people and life! I feel it really is a cultural landmark of my city, Constanta! After we strolled around, enjoying the sun and the lively people there, we decided to make our way to the Casino, another famous landmark.

To me, before any leisure activities, are long walks, especially to places that hit close to my heart and with people I love. Which is why I think that before stopping somewhere to eat and drink and have some time with your BF, a nice stroll is the perfect way to start a date.

Once we reached our destination, the 2nd part of our plan begins. We went to a nice restaurant (Bacaro Port – I definitely recommend it) near the sea, where we delighted ourselves with amazing sea-food, friendly staff and amazing view, and a cold glass of Strongbow (apple cider). Big thanks to this restaurant; we had a great time and I would definitely recommend it to anyone!



After spending a few hours chatting and laughing, we decided to go back the way we came to catch how amazing the place looked during the night! Magical! ❤

Now, let me provide you with some info on my outfit for those of you who are interested:

  • Dress – Koton (love love love this brand; I tend to buy most of my stuff from them)
  • Necklace – Koton (shocker, I know)
  • High heel strappy sandals – Leonardo
  • Bag – New Look (I know that the animal print on the bag sort of clashed with the flowery print of the dress, but I seriously do not own any simple black bag. What is up with that !?)
  • Watch – Swatch

For my hair, I decided to go more elegant so I took a hair band (thank you to my beautiful friend for lending it to me) and I tucked my hair in it, leaving two strands of hair, which I then curled (you could straighten them as well; it looks beautiful either way). For my makeup, I went for a look using my Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Pallet (I will be writing a review on it soon).

So here is my completed look! I will also leave in the gallery some of the photos that we took (so grateful to my boyfriend for helping me!) Whether you go on date, or simply hang out with your friends, you can rock this elegant look anywhere! Hope you can find some inspiration from this blog post and I also hope you’ve enjoyed it! Thank you so much for reading it! Until next time,

Remember to always keep a smile on your face!


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