How To Have A Flawless Foundation In 5 Steps

To me, the most important part of doing my makeup, is having a perfect canvas on which to make my eyes, lips etc. stand out. Which is why I will share with you 5 steps I take in order to have a flawless looking foundation.

1. Primer

Applying a primer on your bare (clean) face, is a must, especially if you need your foundation to stay on for some time. Not only does it fix your foundation but ensures it will stay on longer, but it also acts as a base between your skin and all the products you will use. Given the fact that there are a large array of primers – some with a mattifying effects, others illuminate and so on – you can chose the type that suits you perfectly and gives you the desired effect.

2. Choosing the right type of foundation

Being aware of your skin type will make this step a lot easier. Oily skins will require a more matte finish, while dryer ones will need to keep away from foundations which will accentuate dry patches or fine lines. Taking me as an example, having a combination skin type (I get pretty shiny in my T zone), using an illuminating foundation was not good – the finish after immediately applying the foundation was gorgeous, but one hour in, I got super shiny. So now, I stick more to matte foundations, or I use mattifying powders / primers etc.

3. Setting powder

I feel like setting powder is quite an essential step in achieving a flawless look as it helps prevent all the liquid products you’ve used, like foundation or concealer, from moving from their respective place. Not just that, but some powders have a highlighting effect, others can lighten or darken your complexion if the shade of the foundation is not correct and so on. Applying it in circular motions will also provide with an airbrush finish.

4. Contouring & Highlighting

These two can do wonders for your face. I’ve seen people completely changing their features just by contouring, and I find it absolutely fascinating. I, however, don’t go that far with my own makeup; I just use them to bring more dimension to an otherwise quite bland face when using only foundation and powder. Besides, highlighting some of your face, like you cheek bones or above your upper lip, will give you a dewy and healthy finish, and a fuller lip. Use this to your advantage and sculpt your face the way you want it.

5. Setting spray

The final step is bringing everything together with a setting spray, whether it being for a matte finish, or a dewy one etc. The setting spray will remove all the excess powder, thus avoiding a chalky look on your face and ensuring that the products will last longer.

So these are my 5 tips towards achieving a beautiful makeup! What tips do you have? I would love to hear your feedback! Until my next post,

Lots of love & kisses!


4 thoughts on “How To Have A Flawless Foundation In 5 Steps

  1. Really great tips!! 😀 I also like to “paint” on a nice canvas and it is really useful to know things like how to make the perfect base according to your skin type.


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