Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette Review

As promised in a previous post, I am back with a review on Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Palette and I am showing 3 makeup looks that you can achieve with this product, from a smokey date night look, to a more simple, every day one.

revolution colaj

I am going to start by saying that I am super impressed with this palette. The packaging is really nice and elegant, and the choice of shades is amazing, especially because you have such a variety to chose from. There are 12 shades, verging from light to quite dark, some matte and some shimmery, which gives you the opportunity to combine them in different ways and achieve different types of looks. The eye shadows are very pigmented; meaning that the color that you see in the palette is the color you will get on your eye lids. When using the shimmery eye shadows, I would recommend you start with the eyes first, as in case you get any fallout, you will be able to wipe it and carry on with the rest of your makeup.

Here I took a picture with all the eye shadows swatched on my hands so you can better see the shades.

make up hands revelotion post11863204_1015919325109370_1021939498_o

Bear in mind that there are 2 other palettes in this collection, which are equally as beautiful. As it was the first time I used the brand, I only went with the third one, but I will definitely purchase more in the future, because I am impressed with the quality of the product at an affordable price.

Here are the three makeup looks that I created with the palette:

11873221_1012438252124144_1367422437_o1. A very simple, everyday makeup look, which you can achieve in 5 minutes. I just took a light brown from the palette and put it all over my eye lid and in the crease. Apply some mascara and voila, you are ready! This makeup look is so handy because it is super easy to achieve and it still gives you an elegant, summery and well put together effect!

11863188_1012438205457482_864470834_o2. A look more appropriate when you are going out with your friends! Love the shimmery pink in the middle of the eye lids; it stands out especially when you put a dark brown in the crease. I went with that brown mixed with the pink on my lower lash line and than went ahead and used my trusty eye liner to achieve the cat-eye effect! This look can be worn for a night out as well!

11871912_1012438142124155_20794916_o3. The last makeup look I came up with was the one that I wore for my Summer Date Night (here’s the link in case you missed it – – it is fun, yet still elegant, and the shimmery pink combined with the dark plum shade in the crease makes for a great contrast! Cannot wait to do an actual cut-crease makeup look with this palette! ❤


Over all, I would definitely recommend this palette – I am super impressed with its quality and selection of shades for a great price! Don’t forget to go check out the other two to see what colors they have to offer as well! So, have you ever used products from Makeup Revolution? If you have, what do you think about them? So far, I am definitely sold! Hope you enjoyed this post and I will write again very soon!

Lots of Love,


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