2 Late Summer Dresses

Even though summer is rapidly coming to an end, I thought for my last summer fashion post to go ahead and show you 2 of my favorite dresses/outfits that I have worn this summer and absolutely loved and that are perfect for the last couple of weeks of this season. Hope you enjoy! ❤

11879604_1015916298443006_1771146764_oI love love love this dress I bought from Mango a couple of years ago. The flowery patter and the cut out of the dress makes me think of a vintage, older looking summer dress (the color definitely helps!) The longer sleeves make this dress perfect for early autumn as well, and I love that it compliments my waist quite well. I feel that straightening my hair and using a hair band pulled the entire outfit together and over all I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing it. ❤


  • Dress is from Mango
  • Sandals are from Leonardo
  • Purse is from a local shop in my town (it was a gift and I am not really sure where it was purchased from)
  • Wrist watch is from Meli Melo (although it doesn’t really show up in the picture, I love its golden rose undertones)

11874859_1016490345052268_561264369_oThe day I wore this outfit, the weather was a little colder than usual so I feel it suited it perfectly. Not just that, but I felt summery and cozy, despite the low temperature. I called the outfit dainty because the color scheme and the flowery pattern made me think delicate, cute thus dainty. The lace in the sneakers, the flower hair piece and the dress made up an outfit that I feel blends perfectly together. And my favorite element is the beautiful, colorful and summer perfect purse that I am absolutely in love with ❤




  • Dress is from Koton
  • Purse is from LC Waikiki
  • Sneakers are from Bershka
  • Bracelet is from Bijoux Brigitte
  • Flowery hair piece is from Meli Melo

Post edit : As I am finishing this blog post up and doing all the last minute corrections, I have to say that I am going to miss summer, but I am also excited for autumn, and all the coziness that comes with it. No doubt, the weather will probably warm up in the next couple of days but, nonetheless, to me summer is almost over and I cannot wait for all the fashion, makeup and whatever other posts I will be writing starting September. I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your amazing support this past months and I hope you will keep checking this blog in the months to come. So thank you again so much, and I will catch up with you in my next blog posts!

Lots of Love,


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