A Walk In The Park – Impressions & Mini Look Book

Autumn is fiiiiiinaly here! Have to say, where I live, autumn and spring are more and more absent, as the transitions between winter and summer have become increasingly abrupt. Which is why I tend to enjoy this type of weather the most while it lasts!

I took advantage of the fact that we took some photos while strolling through the park just to share with you my feelings and opinions on this amazing season. Since heat and I simply don’t get along, I tend to enjoy and gravitate more towards colder weather. Don’t get me wrong, summer has its perks as well, and I usually enjoy it a lot in the beginning, but towards the end of summer (especially August) I’m like: why isn’t autumn here already??

Just the idea of falling leaves and warm and cozy clothes makes me feel so warm on the inside! Spending the evenings drinking hot tea, lighting candles and listening to some good music (not to brag but my boyfriend does some amazing mixes on 8tracks, link will be at the end if you want to check it out), while there is rain pouring outside makes me go: YES PLEASE!

However, it is still warm outside so while that period is not yet here, I most definitely want to make the most out of it, especially until uni starts again. (sob 😦 ) A walk in the park is such a relaxing activity for me, especially seeing all the other people who are there for the same reason as me: taking a break from all the stress and tiredness of every day life! It doesn’t matter if you are a child, an adult or an elder, everyone will feel revitalized!

So here is the outfit that I wore on that day:


  • Tights are from Koton
  • Blouse from Glow
  • Sneakers from Bershka
  • Bag from New Look
  • Necklace from Koton

I will also leave you with a photo gallery of the pictures my boyfriend, Alex, took. Also here is the link to his 8tracks profile: http://8tracks.com/pathwayalexander and his photography facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AlexandruMarianCararePHOTOGRAPHY

P.S. Here is a photo of his that I took! Kinda wanted to show off my own photography skills 😀


I really hope you’ve enjoyed this sort of blog post! Also, I am just warning, many more autumn and winter related posts are to come 😛 Until next time,

Remember to enjoy life and all it has to offer,


17 thoughts on “A Walk In The Park – Impressions & Mini Look Book

  1. I especially love the last pic! Great photos will definitely be checking out the links you posted. Fall is one of my favorite seasons as well, there is nothing like the fresh crispiness of the air during Fall season.


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