How I Lost Weight & What Motivates Me To Stay Healthy

My inspiration for this blog post comes from a vlog I watched recently of a New Zealand beauty guru about her eating schedule and future plans, which kind of made me want to write about my own hardships and future plans.

Those who have known since I was little, know that I have always the chubby kid, sometimes verging on what is called “fat”, though I hate to use that word. One of my biggest problems growing up, is knowing when to stop eating, as I always have the habit to overeat and not do as much exercise. I am not an athletic person, never have been and probably never will be, but I am aware of the importance exercise, workouts and sports have on your body and your health.

Until one year ago, I was never fully satisfied with either my weight, or how I looked. Whenever I managed to lose some weight for a certain amount of time, I would always go back to how I was, once more being unsatisfied with my looks. However, last summer I lost a pretty big amount of weight, and one year after, I still manage to keep myself around that number (sometimes less, sometimes more). But I never wish someone to lose weight the way I did. Basically, a pretty big tragedy took place in my life, and things were pretty messed up for me. All this stress, and sadness caused me to lose this weight, and not because I was not eating, but because all the problems that had appeared in my life. Since then, I started doing a lot more exercise, and even as in going to the gym or taking up some sport, but simply by walking a lot more, being more active and eating more healthy. I have not shied away from “junk food”, but I definitely try to have a balance in my life, that maybe I didn’t have before or that I wasn’t aware of before. Maybe this is just part of growing up, and realizing what is healthy for your body and what is not.

I am now happy with the way I look; I don’t know whether I look “thin” or I look “fat” for other people, I just feel like I found the balance that I needed, and I realize that, had I adopted this attitude some years ago, a tragedy wouldn’t have been necessary to make me lose weight and start a normal lifestyle. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how you look, as long as you are healthy and you feel good in your own skin. I will leave the link to the vlog that inspired me down below. Until my next post, stay healthy and safe!

Lots of Love,


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