How To … Simple Green Smoothie

Well hello there everybody! Hope you are having an amazing weekend, I know I am really enjoying it so far! I thought to share with you my super simple, healthy recipe for a green smoothie! Yes, yes, I know that it is almost winter, and that we tend to favor hot drinks, but a green smoothie in the mornings will do wonders for you. Especially when you are in a rush, just chuck the ingredients in a blender, pour the smoothie in a traveling mug and you are ready to go! What are my ingredients you ask?

  • Youghurt
  • 1 Apple
  • 1 Banana
  • Spinach to your heart’s desire!

Now I know that the color of the smoothie may not be appealing to some, but bear in mind that it is actually delicious (and you don’t feel the taste of spinach at all; I didn’t)

img_0182I know that this post is not all that long, but I really wanted to share with you this super simple and delicious smoothie. I know that others may have a lot more ingredients but I thought I would relate to those of you who don’t have to much time on your hands in the morning. Let me know if you want to some other type of smoothie from me.

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Until my next post,

Remember to keep safe, love and hope are true healing forces,



12 thoughts on “How To … Simple Green Smoothie

  1. I don’t like banana with anything except by itself, not even banana flavor but you composed a great simple example of how people can get started with green smoothies. I personally love green smoothies and trying new combinations. I typically replace the banana (depending on what else is in the smoothie) with cucumber, kiwi or peach. I, like a lot of people was intimidated when I started making green smoothies but that has passed.
    Thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Each of these fruits can be replaced and you will an amazingly delicious smoothie. That is what I love about them, that you can always experiment and get different results. Thank you for your comment!


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