Last Day Of Autumn

Hello everyone, this is my final post of the season and can I just say, how quickly did autumn pass!? I mean, it feels like only yesterday that September was upon us, and we were crying because summer was ending 😦 BUT, my favourite month and season of the year are starting, so I say: let’s enjoy December and all the amazing holidays that are coming our way! ❤ For this blog post, I decided to share two more final autumn outfits, in the sense that they are not as heavy duty for winter as the following posts will be. Not just that, but I wanted to share with you my bae’s amazing photography skills! Thank you so much!

IMG_3099resizeI just threw on a white tank top , this gorgeous beige cardigan from Koton, jeans from Orsay and this cute little necklace that I bought a couple years ago from a festival (I think it was the Tomis Festival). The boots (which are my favourite) were purchased from LC Waikiki.


IMG_3076resizeAs for my next outfit, I just switched out my cardigan with a shirt like sweater (have no idea how to describe it) but I am absolutely in love with it!! ❤

IMG_3172resizeIMG_3145resizeJust looking back, November has gone by soooo quickly, that I am kind of scared of how fast time goes by, especially the older you get (not that I consider myself old, but ya know what I mean) Also, isn’t there a study that shows that time has become more compressed? Whatever it is, we have to enjoy every single moment and live our lives to the fullest! Hopefully, December will be an amazing month for everyone! ❤

Thank you so much for sticking by another season, I am so excited for all the blog posts surrounding winter and Christmas (insert Christmas carols here, I for one have already started singing them). Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed, here is all my social media in case you want to get in contact with me:

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Until next time,

Lots of love and hugs and good wishes,



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