Winter Inspired Birthday Makeup

Since this weekend I celebrated my birthday, I decided to go ahead and take some pictures while I was getting ready and show you the makeup look I went for. I feel like this look could also be worn for more formal occasions such as Christmas parties and so on! So let me show you how I achieved it! ❤ After applying a moisturizer, I started with my foundation, which was the Maybelline Affinimat Perfecting + Mattifying Foundation in the shade 24 Golden Beige and I applied it with a Douglas foundation brush.

IMG_3246 IMG_3244

I went ahead and concealed my dark circles and whatever blemishes I had on my face, and then set everything with my powder, the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in the shade 003 Peach Glow.



Now for the fun part! For this makeup look, I used my brand new Run Boy Run 18 Exclusive Eyeshadow Palette which I had just received as a present. I am so obsessed with it, it is absolutely beautiful!

IMG_3256So here is how I went about it:

As a transition shade, I used Head to Hills (name of the shade) in my crease and then, to define it a bit more, I also used Run Boy Run over the first color. I blended all out with a blending brush from Oriflame:

IMG_3252 IMG_3259IMG_3258

Next, I applied a light peachy, sparkly shade, called Trying to Catch You all over my lid, insisting in the inner corner of my eye to highlight it a bit more.


Next, I applied the star of the show, this beautiful golden, olive eye shadow (Day is a Prophesy) all over the eye lid. In order to make it even more intense, I have a tip: damp your brush with a little water, this way, the color will come out a lot more metallic. I looove the way this color looks, and I feel it is very wintery and Christmasy ❤

IMG_3266 IMG_3270

Into the outer corner of my eye and halfway into the crease, I applied Hide Behind Me to darken it and give it a smokier effect. From now on, I just tried to darken up that area so that the olive color will stand out more:

IMG_3275Grabbing a fluffy blending brush, I used Don’t Have to Hide Away a little higher over the crease just to blend all the color better. Remember, the trick to having an awesome smokey eye makeup look is to blend continuosly in order to avoid any harsh lines. Don’t go over board with this color, I just used it to warm up the area a little and to blend everything away.

IMG_3279Sun Will Be Guiding You is once again used in the out corner of my eye to deepen it a little. Just bear in my mind that my hand was very light with these colors because I didn’t want a very dramatic smokey eye for the occasion. But if you would like to make it darker, go ahead. It will look amazing either way!


This is how everything looks like so far:


For my lower lash line, I used another superb color, Break Out From Society, which is the gorgeous reddish shade:

IMG_3286 IMG_3289I used the Sun Will Be Guiding You shade in the outer corner of my lower lash line to intensify it, and the matte black eye shadow (Head Start) to line my upper lash line. Over it, I used a black liquid eye line from Farmasi and my Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline on my lashes.

IMG_3294For the rest of my face, I slightly contoured with my Sunkiss Bronzer from Aura, and for my cheeks, I used the Bourjois Blush in the shade 95 Rose De Jaspe.


IMG_3297 IMG_3300For my lips, I used the Astor Soft Sensation Lip Butter in the shade 018 Pretty in Fuchsia. I most definitely recommend this product; it is super hydrating and the color is intense and long lasting! I am in love!

IMG_3303 IMG_3302So here is the finished makeup look! I really do hope you like it and I that I managed to provide you with some inspiration. I realize that in pictures, you may not see exactly how vibrant the color are, but I am in love with this makeup look ❤


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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! Here’s to an amazing December ahead of us! Until my next post,

Lots of Love and Hugs,



19 thoughts on “Winter Inspired Birthday Makeup

  1. Happy Birthday again!! 😀 Lovely makeup! I like the pallette colours that you used. I think that they go really well with autumn and winter. 😀 The Astor lip butter looks so awesome. What a great colour, I love it! ❤


  2. Great post, your make up looks beautiful! I so suck at makeup lol, I want to learn the smokey eye and have not got it down yet! I also love your blog design, just beautiful!!



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