It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas! Christmas Candles

As Christmas is starting to close in upon us, I began collecting as many candles to light up this month as I possibly could. So I stumbled upon this really cool brand, called Our Own Candle Company, from which I purchased 4 candles. As I am so impressed with them, I thought I should also recommend it to my readers as well! ❤ What I really like about them is that the burning time is really quite long. Since I haven’t bought them all at once, I had the opportunity to test them out before ordering some more, and I fell in love with these cute little candles. First things first, the jar! It is soo amazingly adorable!! Especially with its cute little lid on top! ❤ Also, their scent is quite strong. Whenever I light one up, the entire room is filled with its smell. Let me describe the ones I do have one by one!

IMG_3353resizeThe first one I ever bought, was the Black Raspberry Vanilla one and, as you can see, I have already used it quite a bit. I love this scent because it has the perfect balance between sweet and fruity scent. The raspberry smell is a little more strong, but it is sweetened by vanilla and it makes up for the perfect candle to light up during this time of the year!


The second one, Winter Wonderland, which has also been used quite a lot as you can see, has a very woody, pine-like scent to it, which in the jar can sometimes bother me, but once lighten up, becomes a very sweet scent. Once again, very powerful, the scent envelops the entire room!


Aaaah, if one could only eat the scent of the Banana Nut Bread candle!! ❤ The only way to describe it, is delicious! It smells like a cake, the banana and pastry scents blend out perfectly in what is, most definitely, my favorite candle thus far!

IMG_3356resizeThese two little fellas, Cedarwood Vanilla, were meant to be gifts, but I ended up keeping one of them. The scent of this candle is, once again, very woody, but it is sweetened by the vanilla scent. It kind of reminds me of a wood cabin during winter. Have no idea why, but that is what I think of every time I sniff this candle. I really do like it, and I can’t wait to light up some more during December.


So here are my 4(5) little candles! I know they will lead to a very festive, cozy, comfortable and sweet atmosphere! There are many more other sorts of candles to choose from. Here is their website if you are interested: .

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Until my next blog post,

Lots of love and hugs,

Nico ❤

4 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Smell A Lot Like Christmas! Christmas Candles

  1. Ohhhh, ce faine sunt!! ❤ Le-am sesizat și eu pe elefant! I'm definetly getting some in the future! 😀 Momentan mi-am făcut rezerva așa că mă abțin. :3 Foarte faine aromele alese de tine! Winter Wonderland aș testa-o și eu pentr iarnă.


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