A Winter’s Day: First Snow in Constanta

These days I have been so freaking happy because, finally, it snowed in my hometown! So, naturally, I went out with my boyfriend and decided to take some pictures in the snow, both in daylight and at nighttime. This is a photography post, just to share with you the joys of winter and to showcase Alex’s amazing photos. Hope you enjoy! ❤

Before I start posting the pictures, I just want to say that I am super happy whenever it snows in our town. Unlike many other places in my country, Constanta doesn’t get to see snow all that much; whenever it does, the snow will most likely melt and go muddy the next day! We didn’t get snow for Christmas or New Year’s, but at least we did now! Also,I am absolutely and irremediably in love with this jacket that I purchased from Mango, a couple of weeks ago and I have been obsessing over it ever since, so I thought showcasing it in this photo shoot would be perfect.


This set of pictures was taken exactly the day we finally had snow (and quite heavily too). All the photos are taken by Alexandru Marian Carare (here is the link to his facebook).

IMG_3666resize IMG_3670resize IMG_3679resize IMG_3681resize IMG_3683resize IMG_3696resize IMG_3698resize IMG_3710resize IMG_3714resize IMG_3723resize IMG_3725resize

And these are the photos we took the following day, because we wanted to take some in daylight as well ❤

IMG_3765resize IMG_3767resize IMG_3781resize IMG_3788resize IMG_3803resize IMG_3811resize IMG_3843resizeI really hope you liked this very chill, photo-based blog post. If you want to follow me on social media, you can find me on:

Instagram @ https://instagram.com/nicoletadragoi/

Twitter @ https://twitter.com/NicoDragoi

Facebook  @ https://www.facebook.com/smileloveliveforever

Until my next blog post, remember to stay safe and enjoy every single moment. Life is worth living!

Love, Nico!



18 thoughts on “A Winter’s Day: First Snow in Constanta

  1. The snow is so pretty and peaceful. Love the fabulous pictures. I haven’t seen snow in over 10 years. I generally don’t miss it, but after seeing pictures like this, I’d like to visit it for a weekend or so.


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