Travel Journal #1 – Bulgaria: Kaliakra & Balchik

Hello everyone! Summer is finally upon us, and it is the season which invites you the most to take a break from all day-to-day troubles and issues, and just sit back and plan a fun trip, whether it be at the sea, or the mountains, or somewhere exotic (or more rustic, as well). While I can’t say that it is a period of relaxation (exams, dissertation and so on), I still went on a fun little vacation (unfortunately for only 4 days) in Bulgaria, and thought I would share some of my experiences with you! Hope you enjoy!

Our first stop was Kaliakra, and I have to say, the landscape is absolutely breathtaking! I loved every single moment, especially when we visited Cape Kaliakra! Gorgeous view!

IMG_4202IMG_4231IMG_4218IMG_4230Here are some pictures of myself and Alex 😀 IMG_4207


Since everybody was pretty hungry, our next stop was at the Mussel Farm Dalboka, a little restaurant situated right next to the sea. It was filled with people when we got there, but lucky for us, a reservation had been made prior to us leaving. The food, the place and the people were absolutely magical!

IMG_4255Before arriving at the hotel, we also took a little trip to the Balchik Botanical Garden, which ended up being my favourite. The colors and the beauty of this place was absolutely stunning! (I heard that we were quite lucky to go in April because later on, the colors are not as vivid and beautiful) Here I will leave some amazing photos we took there! IMG_4287 IMG_4263 IMG_4267 IMG_4271IMG_4327-3 IMG_4296 IMG_4305Since I feel there are quite a lot of pictures in this post, I decided to focus on our stay in the Golden Sands resort in the next one, just so I don’t end up with a super big post. The photos that you saw in this post were taken by my lovely boyfriend, Alex. Check out his facebook page I really hope you enjoyed reading this post, and stick by if you want to check out the next part as well! Until then, here are my social media in case you want to check that out as well, you can find me on

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I will see you all on my next blog post,

Until then,

Sending you lots of love and good thoughts,



5 thoughts on “Travel Journal #1 – Bulgaria: Kaliakra & Balchik

  1. We loved Mussel Farm Dalboka (and beautiful nearby Balchik as well). Never had any of us ever had fresher mussels in more preparations. We consumed mussel salad, mussels with rice, mussels seamen’s style, grilled mussels on skewers and battered fried mussels. Possibly we ate still more, but we did pass on the dessert of mussels in caramel sauce.

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