Travel Journal #1 – Bulgaria: Golden Sands

Hello again, this week I am back with the second part of my Travel Journal, which focuses on the Golden Sands Resort, where we stayed for almost three days! Loved every single moment!

Over those three days, we stayed at the Grifid Metropol Hotel, the newest addition in the Grifid chain, a very classy, and business-y looking hotel, but very elegant, clean and overall amazing. The hotel had two restaurants, one outside pool (and bar), a bio-pool, a lounge with different types of entertainment provided each night, and you could also access the gym, and the spa. The food, at least for me, was very delicious. I heard people complaining about the size of the meal and the choices you had, but that didn’t really bother me at all. A slight problem we noticed was the serving of the food, as sometimes the tables were mixed up, or the time it took to bring the meal would be a little long. But, besides this, the personnel was very, very nice, and we felt welcome and well tended for!



This is the view we had from out 9th floor balcony:



The beach of the hotel was also breathtaking, the color of the sand and the sea seemed so vivid. We were lucky enough to be able to enjoy a day in the sun, but not as brave as others to go into the sea, as it was still pretty cold! (We went there at the end of April)

IMG_4353resizeThe resort itself was also very beautiful and clean! There were so many different merchandise booths, that you could find lots of amazing souvenirs, and we definitely did not return home empty-handed. Here are some pics we took around the resort!

20160430_172057resize 20160430_095744resize 20160430_095754resizeOverall, this vacation flew by super fast, but it was such a relaxing and well-deserved time-off. If I have to pinpoint one moment that will stick with me, it would have to be there at Easter, going at the church, and seeing so many people there (as far as I know, most were Romanians, like us), and then seeing them going around the resort with the Light. I think that is a moment we will always remember!

I hope you enjoyed this two-part blog post, the first in what will hopefully be a long series (I really love to travel, and I really love to travel with Alex ❤ ). Here is the link to the previous part in case you want to check that out as well, and I will also leave you all my social media here in case you want to follow me on any of the platforms:

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Thank you for taking the time to read (or just look ) this post! I wish you have the most amazing week and I will catch up with you on the next one!

Until then, don’t forget so Smile, Love and Live life to the fullest,


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