NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Review

Since I recently managed to get my hands on NYX products (a store opened up in my local mall), I could not wait to try them out and write some reviews on them. The first one that I am going to talk about, is the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream, their matte liquid lipstick.

IMG_4385resizeSince I wanted to try out one first, and see how I liked it, I only went for one shade, which is Antwerp, but boy, oh, boy, I will definitely purchase some more! The consistency, as it says, is very creamy, not too drying, and it goes super smooth on the lips. I would recommend using a lip balm some time before applying it (while I do my makeup, I will put on a lip balm, and then remove it before applying the lipstick or liquid lipstick, or whatever it is that I will be wearing). This makes it go soooo nicely on the lips, it is more even and it looks amazing! I once tried it with my lips a little bit chapped, and it did cling on to the dry patches, so don’t expect any miracles 😀 It feels however moisturizing on the lips, and once it dries out, you don’t really feel like you are wearing anything. The wearing time is also pretty good: as long as you don’t eat anything exceedingly greasy, it wears pretty well during the day. Also, another plus, is the scent. It is sweet, yet not overpowering, and I really like a lot! (By the way, excuse my hair in both of these pictures,don’t know what it was doing)

IMG_4390resize IMG_4387resizeDo I recommend this product? YES! It is long wearing, it does not dry out the lips, it glides on when you apply it, and I am a definite fan. So expect more reviews on this blog on NYX products, cause so far, I enjoy them!

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