PUPA MILANO Luminys Baked All Over and BLUSH& BRONZE Review

Hey guys, welcome back to my blog, hope this week has treated you well thus far! This blog post will focus on two products from a new Italian makeup brand (new for me, that is), that I hadn’t known about before they opened up a store in my local mall!

Since I was very curious about this brand, I wanted to try out some of their products and see how I liked them. Because I don’t own that many blushes and highlighters, I decided to go for an illuminating blush powder, called the Luminys Baked All Over, in the shade 01 Stripes Rose. They have six shades in total.

IMG_4610resize IMG_4646resizeAs you can see in the pictures above, the packaging is super cute (it looks like a UFO!!!!), and it does feel like a high end makeup brand. The cost for these products are, for me, somewhere between drug store and high end. I feel like you get the best of both worlds. Also, please do excuse my thumb, I managed to get it stuck when I was closing my friend’s car door, and it has been kind of numb ever since. 😀

IMG_4649resizeAs you can see, it has four different stripes of colors, which you can use separately, or combine them to get a beautiful highlighted blush color. The texture of this product is a little powdery, but once you swatch it, you will notice that it becomes a little creamy (have not idea how to describe it). It does not leave a chalky texture on your skin, and it feel rather hydrating than drying. Here are the swatches separately for each color, and then combined to show you what color results:

IMG_4652resizeIMG_4666resizeI really like to use the highlighting shade on the tops of my cheek bones, and on my nose to give a really beautiful highlighting effect, but I also really love to use it as a blush as well, usually without any additional bronzers or contouring, because I love the pretty peachy color it leaves.

So after trying out this product, and absolutely loving it (I honestly recommend it, I feel like it is an amazing product), I went on and purchased another compact, this time, a bronzer / blush compact. The reason behind it was that I felt it was the perfect contour shade for me, and when I saw in the store, I immediately knew I wanted to try it out.

IMG_4604resize IMG_4653resizeOnce again, the packaging of this product is really cute and looks like a high end compact powder. I also love the summer feel it has to it, with the all the bright colors it has on the box and compact itself.

IMG_4655resizeAs I stated, I really liked the bronzing color because it is not too warm, and it can be used perfectly as a contouring shade. What I also like about them, is that the shades are not overly pigmented, so it is really easy to build up the color and bring it to the intensity you desire (I, for example, am not a fan of very intense contouring and bronzing, and I feel like this product is perfect for me). The blush is also a gorgeous pinky peachy shade, that looks amazing on the cheeks. I swatched them on my fingers just so it would be easier for you to see their colors.

IMG_4663resize IMG_4664resizeI feel like the consistency of this bronzer/blush is even smoother than the Luminys Baked All Over, and it does not feel powdery at all. It also helps that is has a chocolaty scent to it that I am in love with. I have to say that ever since I got this compact, I have been obsessed with it: it is all I wear on my cheeks paired with either the highlighting shade from the Luminys compact, or my Makeup Revolution Baked Highlighter. I also full heartedly recommend it. Here is how it looks on myself. I apologize if it doesn’t show as intensely as myself and my boyfriend would have liked them to be, but hopefully it can help you form an idea. Here I wear the bronzer and blush from the BLUSH&BRONZE compact in the shade 001 Pink Sands, and highlighter from the Luminys highlighting blush:

IMG_4641resize IMG_4630resize

I am honestly so impressed with the quality of these products. When I bought them, I never thought I would like them as much as I do, and I will definitely try more in the future (when my wallet will allow it). I hope you found this review helpful! Please let me know if you have tried them out as well, or any other PUPA MILANO makeup product and what you thought about them.

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Until next time,

Lots of love and good thoughts,


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