Soft Cut Crease – Golden Smokey Eye Look

So these days I have been experimenting with cut-creases (only because I suck at them and want to get better) so I tried a softer version, just to see how it comes out. I was pretty pleased with the result, so I am going to resume what I’ve done just in case you are wondering. Enjoy!

A heads up before I begin: the steps that I followed can be applied with any other shades other than those I have chosen, so feel free to experiment!


I started with a light cool-tone matte pink in my crease, to define it and also to make sure all the other colors would blend out nicely; I followed up with a cool-toned brown shade (my bronzer, the Pupa Milano Blush & Bronze duo). With a smaller, more precise brush, I applied a darker matte brown, from the Makeup Revolution Salvation Palette, creating a harsher line, one which I blended really well with a blending brush. After everything was nice and smooth, it was time to create the cut-crease, using a matte black eye shadow from the same palette. I applied it using an even smaller, more precise brush, and I focused in my crease, not being super careful with it, because I still had to add the lid color.


For the entire lid, I used a Maybelline Color Tattoo pot, in the shade 05 Eternal Gold, and I applied it with my finger very carefully around the black, as to not completely cover it. Once I was happy with the way it looked, I set it with a yellow shade. Using a black eye-liner, I created a winged line, which was easier to trace, because I had placed some tape, thus I just followed its shape.


I smoked out the lower lash line using all the matte shades I used in the crease, intensifying the black to make the eye look pop more. The makeup look was completed by applying heavily some mascara.

img_4955resizeFor the rest of my face, everything was pretty much the same as in my last makeup look, which I will link here in case you want to check it out.

img_4957resizeimg_4950resizeimg_4973resizeHope you enjoyed this blog post! Let me know what I can do to improve my skills. I am a beginner, but I am trying to become better, and your suggestions will definitely help me.

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Until next time,

Sending you all my best thoughts,


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