Current Skin Care Routine – November 2016

Hello everyone, welcome back once again to this lovely little blog!

To start off, I have to say that I am definitely a believer of ‘less is more’, which is why you will notice that I don’t use too many products for my skin care; just the ones I think work really well for me. Also, I haven’t really investigated the skin care scene as to say these are the best, but I am very happy with how they work for me.


1. Face Masks

You might recognize two of the products from my 2015 Favorites, the Evoluderm Peach Scrub and the Evoluderm Clay Mask. What I really love about them, is how soft, and how clean my face feels after using them. I usually use one of them once a week, so I would scrub one week, and deep pore cleanse the other. Not really sure if I should do both every week, but it has worked really well for me thus far.

Another scrub that I use, is the Balea Wash Peeling, which has raspberry extract. The main difference between this scrub, and the Evoluderm one, is that this has more of a gel texture, while the latter is more creamy. But both do the same work for me, which is why I interchange them quite often.


2. Face Creams and Makeup Removers

I will start with the Elmiplant products because they have impressed the hell out of me, even though I haven’t been using them for too much time. The Elmiplant Skin Moisture makeup remover is AMAZING. It cleans up my skin so well, leaving it feeling so hydrated and so soft. Another thing I loved about it, is that I can safely remove my eye makeup, without fearing that it will sting my eyes, or leave a burning sensation, like so many other products do. Its quench extract gives such an amazing scent, that removing my makeup has turned from a very boring chore, to an activity I actually enjoy doing. Big plus, it is Paraben, Paraffin and Colorant free.

The next step is using a skin tonic, which is a Balea one. Unfortunately, I don’t speak German, so I can’t say the exact name, but I am pretty sure it has a Lotus extract. This is also for normal/mixed skin types, and I use it just as an extra precaution, to make sure that no dirt is left on my skin. I also use this in the morning the remove the gunk that has settled in my pores during the night.

Because I was so impressed with the Elmiplant makeup remover, I decided to try out some other products from the same range, meaning the Elmiplant Skin Moisture hydrating day cream for normal and mixed skin types. It is so hydrating, that I usually put it underneath any primer, every time I do my makeup. I use it before going to bed, or after finishing my makeup removal routine. I absolutely love it, because it does not feel oily on the skin.

The last skin care product that I use, is the Balea Mattifying Day Cream, which, oncee again is a German product, and I can’t translate its name exactly, but I am pretty sure it has cucumber extract. I use if as a primer, because it leaves my skin feeling and looking so great and mattified, and a lot of people whom I have lent it to, have told me the same: that their skin felt great. I purchase all of my Balea products from DM Drogerie Market.

So there you have it. I will update this for sure in the future, when I will stumble upon other products I love, but for now, I am going to end this blog post asking what your current skin care routine is.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!

Until next time,

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