Travel Journal #2: Italy – Milan – Lake Como

First off, I would like to wish you all a happy 2018! Hope all your wishes come true, hope your resolution list for 2017 was completed (or almost) and, generally, I hope 2018 will be a better year than 2017.

Some of the best moments of the year, for me, were lived in Milan, a trip we were planning for a while, and a trip which proved to be a very special moment for us.

So let me start with the beginning.

Our departure was on the 14th of November from Otopeni Airport, Bucharest and we landed at the Bergamo Airport. Being that it was my first flight, I was very nervous, yet excited at the same time and, with the exception of a turbulence here and there, the flight went pretty smooth. Here are some pics we took from the window:

From the airport we hopped into a bus which left us at Milano Centrale, the main railway station of Milan, and within 5 minutes we were already checked at the 43 Station Hotel. We definitely recommend it: it was clean, the staff was friendly and polite, and the room and dining area looked exactly as they were shown in the pictures on the site.

Even if we were tired, we knew that we didn’t have too much time to lose, so we left the room almost immediately and started to check out our surroundings. The station is extremely beautiful, everything was very well put together and we found it easy to find our way around the city (between Google Maps and the indications around Milan,you can easily find your route).

The first place we knew we wanted to visit was Duomo di Milano. On our way there, we also took some pictures with the statue of Leonardo da Vinci, and were stunned by how splendid Galleria Vittorio Emanuele is. There you can find stores of some of the most prestigious luxury brands you can think of: YSL, Chanel, Luis Vuitton, Prada, Versace etc.

When you first see Duomo di Milano, it takes your breath away! It is such a grandiose building, that it makes you feel so tiny by comparison. We managed to visit the rooftop (by elevator) right as the sun set and the view we caught was stunning. If you visit the Duomo, please make sure you do so at the sunset because the lighting is gorgeous.

Also, while in Italy, don’t forget to try out the Italian gelato, for a an amazing, true experience (one simply cannot visit Italy and not eat gelato).


The second day was dedicated to visiting Lake Como, more exactly, we wanted to see Varenna and Bellagio. So, after breakfast, we took the train straight to Varenna, and we were not disappointed by what was expecting us there. I will leave the photos to speak for how incredibly beautiful and serene that place is.

To Bellagio, we took the ferry, and this gave us the opportunity to take some of the most stunning pictures I think we’ve ever taken:

Bellagio is very beautiful, however, since we didn’t go during the summer, there weren’t a lot of tourists or buzz going around, most of the shops were closed, but I can only imagine how lively it must be during the hot seasons.

Back to Varenna, we wanted to visit Villa Monastero, but, unfortunately, it was closed, so we had to see the landscapes from above.

Also, one of the most special moments of my life took place in Varenna.

Our third day in Milan, we visited the Navigli District (very similar to Amsterdam, in my opinion), and we also loved every second of it. Very different from the typical fuss of central Milan, this area is quieter, and has a very lovely charm about it.

Overall, this vacation was just the perfect escape from the mundane, stressful everyday life. Whenever you pick a location and you get ready for a vacation, always remember to gather information about the places you should visit, the food you should try out, because it can get overwhelming once you get there.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. Hopefully 2018 will be the year of more blogging from me. Cheers to that!

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Until next time,

Enjoy life and smile,


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