Discover Romania #1: Brasov

Hello friends, hope you are all having an amazing day! Since I noticed that I never posted photos from our two-day trip to Brasov, Romania, last may, I thought that I could post them now, 8 months later 😀 But hey, better late than never, right? Enjoy!

One of the most visited cities in Romania, Brasov is situated in Central Romania. Its beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture is flanked by the Southern Carpathian Mountains, creating a magical place where nature intertwines with history and which brings together tourists of all cultures and nations. It’s perfect for people of all ages, combining the modern with tradition, the new with the historic.

We stayed at the Da Vinci Guesthouse, situated right at the foot at the mountain, in the heart of the Council Square (Piata Sfatului) and overlooked by the Brasov Sign (you know, similar to the Hollywood one?). 

What can you visit here if you decide to travel to Brasov:

  • The Old Town Hall

  • The Black Church

  • Brasov’s Defensive Fortifications (Graft Bastion, White Tower, Black Tower, Blacksmiths’ Bastion etc.)

Here is the view of the city from some of the towers:

  • Catherine’s Gate

  • Schei Gate

  • String Street (believed to be one of the narrowest streets in Europe)

Don’t forget that you can also take the Tampa Cable Car to see the the entire city from the peek of the mountain. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go, but the view is stunning.

Here are some more other random pics we took:

I really hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. Traveling has become one of my biggest passions and sharing it with you makes it ten times better.

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Until my next post,

Enjoy life and smile,


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